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Feral (Dromedary) camels are an introduced species that can have negative impacts on the economy, environment and the community.  

Feral camles can compete with livestock for food and water, damage property and infrastructure, cause damage to native vegetation and wetlands and create hazards on roads and airstrips.

Feral camels present a significant problem in western NSW.

Pest control order

The NSW Government introduced a pest control order (PCO) for the Feral Dromedary Camel in 2015. This PCO applies only in the Western Division of NSW and allows for targeted control programs in this region.

The PCO allows Local Land Services to serve individual eradication orders to any owner occupier requiring them to eradicate feral camels using a method specified in the eradication order, including aerial shooting. Local Land Services can also serve general eradication orders that apply to owners and occupiers of land within a specified region. 

Local Land Services can also authorise officers or other people to carry out eradication activities.