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Wild dogs

What is a wild dog?

A wild dog refers to all wild-living dogs: dingoes, feral domestic dogs and the hybrid descendants of these (all of which are currently considered to be Canis familiaris).

Control options

Wild dogs generally operate individually or in a small group, but rarely as a pack. They can be extremely cunning which can make control very difficult. Poisoning with 1080 baits, trapping with soft jaw leg hold traps and shooting are effective control tools particularly when they are part of an integrated control approach. Group control across several holdings will achieve the best results and we encourage landholders to work together to address wild dog issues.

Wild dog activities

We coordinate wild dog management activities throughout the year. The most active times for wild dog control activities are through autumn and spring. Wild dog management is an equal partnership between NSW Government agencies, landholder participation and community groups such as wild dog control groups. All working together, control techniques such as ground and aerial baits, trapping, GPS tracking using collars and monitoring with motion cameras are used frequently and coordinated to ensure the most effective outcome.

Wild dog policy

The 2017-21 NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy was released in October 2017. The overarching aim of the strategy is to reduce the negative impacts of wild dogs within the state.

It outlines an important framework for policy settings, planning, regional oversight, mapping, research and training for quick and effective action and details the roles and responsibilities of Government agencies, industry and the community. The strategy will assist in the development of Regional Pest Animal Management Plans in NSW and how wild dog management will be handled under the new NSW Biosecurity Act.

The 2017-21 strategy supersedes the inaugural strategy that commenced in 2012. It was produced with input from agencies involved in pest animal management, including Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services, National Parks and Wildlife Service, as well as NSW Farmers’ Association and individual farmers.

Read more and download the 2017-21 NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy.

Wild dog management plans

For more information on how to create a wild dog management plan in your area, speak to your Local Land Services biosecurity officer.

Map wild dogs and other feral pests using your mobile phone

Feral Scan is a free mapping service that you can use to help with feral pest control in your local area.

iphone, Android and iPad users can now access Wild Dog Scan and record wild dog data much more quickly while in the field. This is a valuable addition to Wild Dog Scan and can be used by farmers, NRM groups, wild dog control associations, community groups and local governments. Find out how you can use Feral Scan.