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Wild rabbits

Wild rabbits cause significant economic losses to agriculture by damaging crops, pastures and disturbing soils leading to erosion and loss of top soil.

Control methods

  • Baiting rabbits with 1080 and Pindone poisoned carrots can quickly and effectively reduce numbers.
  • Biological controls such as myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) are also useful aids to control rabbits.
  • Biological controls should be capitalised upon by cleaning up residual populations and destroying rabbit harbour.
  • Fumigation can be an inexpensive and reasonably effective form of control.
  • Ripping of rabbit warrens is an essential follow up to the control methods listed here. It further discourages any rabbit from taking up residence at that site.
  • Explosives can be used in 'difficult to get at' areas for warren destruction.
  • Poisons and fumigants can be purchased and equipment associated with rabbit control can be hired from your Local Land Services office for a nominal fee.