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Strategy and policy

The NSW Government has made a commitment to the people of NSW to strengthen and maintain biosecurity measures in the state. Their aim is to protect NSW from biosecurity threats including animal and plant pests, diseases and weeds.

The NSW Biosecurity Strategy 2013-2021 outlines how the Government plans to do this. The strategy has been developed with a focus on shared responsibility.

The Strategy vision is:

'Government, industry and the people of NSW working together to protect the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of animal and plant pests, diseases and weeds for the benefit of all people in NSW.'

Local Land Services will play a key role in collaboration with other organisations such as the NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI).

The NSW Animal Biosecurity and Welfare Strategic Plan 2015-2018 is tightly aligned to the NSW Biosecurity Strategy and represents a collaborative approach between NSW DPI and Local Land Services. This plan guides priority activities to safeguard the economy, environment and community from diseases and pests that affect animals, while also focusing on animal welfare outcomes.


Potential biosecurity risks are increasing due to a number of factors such as globalisation of trade, population growth, climate variability, imports of animal and plant materials and competing priorities for resources.

As a consequence the NSW Biosecurity Strategy outlines some broad objectives to work towards which include

  • prevention – preventing entry of new risks into NSW
  • eradication – quickly finding, identifying and eradicating threats where possible
  • containment – quickly finding, identifying and containing threats
  • minimisation – effectively minimising the impacts of those pests, diseases and weeds that cannot be eradicated.


The strategy has been broken down into four main goals which include

  • biosecurity is a shared responsibility
  • biosecurity contributes to sustainable economic growth
  • biosecurity protects the environment and community
  • biosecurity is underpinned by a responsive and consistent legislative framework

Wild dog policy

Local Land Services Wild Dog Policy supports the NSW Government's Wild Dog Management Strategy