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Farm flood readiness kit

Is your property flood ready? A guide to preparing for floods.

When you live on a floodplain, having a flood plan just makes good farming sense.

Planning will protect your home, property and business. You also have an obligation to protect your livestock and pets from drowning. To help you prepare for future floods, we have developed a Farm Flood Readiness Kit.

Download your copy of the kit.  

Why do you need a Flood Plan?

  • You are not guaranteed financial or farm assistance when floods occur.
  • You need to know what to do and when to do it to reduce damage and losses.
  • Every flood is different. You need to plan for all risks and possible impacts.
  • If you are prepared you will recover much quicker and be able to get back to business.The damage and losses caused by floods can be very high. It costs a lot of money and takes a long time to clean up your property, repair fences and feed livestock.
  • It is cheaper to plan ahead and be prepared than pay the costs of repairs or lose income and production time.
  • Can you afford not to have a flood plan?

Make sure your property is flood-ready

To support landholders in preparing, responding and recovering from floods, we have developed a Farm Flood Readiness Kit.

The user-friendly kit will help you develop a flood plan and make your property flood-ready.

Download your copy of the Farm Flood Readiness Kit.

About the kit

Following the experience of the 2015 Hunter region floods, Local Land Services produced the kit to capture the experience of the floods and help landholders in future flood events.

The practical kit was developed in consultation with local farmers and trialled with a select group of producers.

It contains a series of resources including a flood readiness checklist and flood plan template, as well as details on how to access emergency information, such as BOM and SES warnings.

Your flood plan doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it needs to be as easy and straightforward as possible so that if you are away, someone else can implement it on your behalf.

For further information, download the kit or watch the short video below.