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How we help

Local Land Services (LLS) enhances  the capacity of all landholders to plan and prepare for, respond to, and  recover from biosecurity emergencies and natural disasters. Our local staff are  part of local response.

Emergency preparedness

LLS are a key link in the  promotion of resilience to emergencies. Working alongside Department of Primary  Industries (DPI), we provide useful information and advice to landholders about  property planning and preparedness for an emergency.

Animal welfare

We support the  coordination of assistance to all animals affected in an emergency, including  livestock, companion animals and wildlife, in close consultation with other  supporting agencies such as the RSPCA, and WIRES.

In an emergency, LLS assists  in identifying animals at risk and if required will rescue, evacuate and care  for the animals. We participate in the supply and distribution of emergency  fodder, water and other materials and humane disposal of stock affected by  disease or natural disaster. Key staff are also involved in damage assessment  activity.

Biosecurity emergency assistance

Our staff will assist in  the response to biosecurity emergencies involving animal and plant diseases and  support other emergency response measures such as helping landholders control  the Australian plague  locust .

Trained staff

Significant investment has  been made to ensure that the majority of LLS staff participate in ongoing  emergency management training to enhance our ability to prepare for and respond  to biosecurity emergencies and natural disasters.