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Native vegetation

The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016 take advantage of the best available science and data to ensure a balanced approach to rural land management and biodiversity conservation in NSW.

Key features:

  • new arrangements that allow land owners to improve productivity while responding to environmental risks
  • new ways to assess and manage the biodiversity impacts of development
  • a new State Environmental Planning Policy for impacts on native vegetation in non-rural areas
  • significant investment in conserving high-value vegetation on private land
  • a risk-based system for regulating human and business interactions with native plants and animals
  • streamlined approvals and dedicated resources to help reduce the regulatory burden.

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What are the new activities I can undertake using the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code?

How will I know if I require approval to clear native vegetation?

I want to know more about opportunities to develop my property using the Biodiversity Assessment Method and Offsets Scheme?

What if my property is in an urban or peri-urban area?

My property contains high-value native vegetation and I’m interested in conserving it.

What are the new arrangements for managing interactions with native plants and wildlife?

What other approvals might I need to consider?

What’s new in native vegetation?

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