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Sowing Larger Seeded Faba Bean

The variety “PBA Nasma” has significantly larger seed than previous varieties released for northern NSW which will improve market acceptance. In trials, PBA Nasma has demonstrated higher yield than older varieties and acceptable disease resistance, as a result it is likely to be widely adopted in the north. The larger seed size may result in additional blockages in some planting machinery, however adequate preparation and setup of planters can easily eliminate these issues.

Sowing Larger Seeded Faba Bean Information sheet PDF 620kb

Using Electromagnetic induction (EMI) to Measure Soil  Water

North West Local Land services brochure detailing Electromagnetic induction sensing (EMI or more commonly referred to as simply EM) and other soil conduction devices (e.g. those that use resistivity) can be used to map apparent soil conductivity

Using Electromagnetic  Induction (EMI) to Measure Soil Water information sheet  PDF405.85kb