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Travelling Stock Reserves

Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) are parcels of Crown land reserved under legislation for use by travelling stock. Local Land Services is responsible for the care, control and maintenance of more than 500,000 ha of TSRs in NSW.

A single statewide plan had been developed to allow consistent management of these TSRs. The Draft TSR Plan of Management is on public exhibition until 21 December 2018.

Thanks to feedback and input from the community and stakeholders, this plan is based on solid evidence about what TSRS are used and valued for today. This understanding will ensure that Indigenous, conservation, livestock, production, recreation and community values are managed across the network.

Key elements of the plan are:

  • consistent classification of TSRs across the state
  • a new funding model that showcases TSR investment opportunities and no longer relies on private revenue
  • a renewed commitment to working with our community to deliver quality results
  • a quality assurance and control process that recognises the state significance of the TSR network and links to local needs.

Each Local Land Services local board will adopt a local annual operational plan to drive activities and spending on TSRs in their region.


Comments on the Draft TSR Plan of Management are welcome until 21 December 2018.

Complete the survey to send us your feedback.

Find a TSR near you

We have developed a mapping tool to show you how all the TSRs across NSW are classified. To find a TSR near you, simply click on the map.

Click here to use the TSR map