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2018 Tree Giveaway

The Great Tree Giveaway is on again!

It is always a good time to plant a tree; therefore North West Local Land Services is giving you the opportunity to look forward to next year and make plans to get some free trees to do just that!

Landholders and community members across the North West are invited to submit an Application to North West Local Land Services in the Great Tree Giveaway.

Last held in 2016, the Great Tree Giveaway gave away more than 17,000 seedlings to schools, community groups and landholders from Lightning Ridge to Pine Ridge, and everywhere in between.

According to Sara Chapman, Local Land Services Team Leader NRM Services, there will be around 12,000 seedlings available this time around. “We will have 20 species including belah, weeping myall, weeping bottlebrush and river red gum. Tree species will be allocated based on location,” she said.

“The Great Tree Giveaway is part of a North West Local Land Services initiative to improve connectivity and habitat for threatened species across the landscape”, Sara said. “It is supported with funding from Catchment Action NSW.”

“We realise that it has been a dry season, so by planning now and with the right site preparation in time for a winter planning, there is no reason that most of the seedlings should not thrive.”

Please download the Application here. Applications close Friday 30 November 2018.

List of species available:
Botanical nameCommon name
Acacia deaneiDean's wattle
Acacia pendulaWeeping myall
Acacia decoraWestern silver wattle
Acacia dealbata 
Brachychiton populneusKurrajong
Casuarina cristataBelah
Casuarina cunninghamianaRiver oak
Callistemon seiberiRiver bottlebrush
Callistemon viminalisWeeping bottlebrush
Notealea microcarpaNative olive
Angophora floribundaRough-barked apple
Eucalyptus albensWhite box
Eucalyptus blakelyiBlakely's red gum
Eucalyptus camaldulensisRiver red gum
Eucalyptus conicaFuzzy box
Eucalyptus melliodoraYellow box
Eucalyptus microcarpaInland grey box
Eucayptus sideroxylonMugga ironbark
Eucalyptus pilligaensisPilliga box
Eucalyptus populneaBimble box

We cannot accommodate specific requests for species but we will match as best as possible with the information you provide in your application.