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First knowledge sharing workshop - Walgett LALC office


23rd Nov 2018 10:00am-12:00pm


Local Aboriginal Land Council Office
87 Fox Street
Walgett, NSW


Luke Raveneau
Tamworth Office
02 6764 5900


The Walgett Local Aboriginal Land Council and North West Local Land Services are working together on a very special project to protect the Traditional Aboriginal Burial Grounds near Gingie Reserve.

This project involves:

  • a new fence being erected around the boundary line of the traditional site
  • new signs recognising the significance of the site
  • the Walgett community sharing knowledge on the significance of the site and why it must be protected

This is an open invitation to the whole Walgett Community to learn more about this culturally significant site.

Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop. The more people who know and understand the significance of this site, the more united people will stand to protect and respect it.

Light refreshments will be provided.