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Biolinks – the need for trees-funding opportunities

The Brigalow Nandewar Biolinks (BNB) program is an initiative of the North West and Northern Tablelands Local Land Services and serves to protect, restore and manage existing vegetation to connect the plains with the tablelands.

A photo of a large gum tree"The program involves planting and protecting vegetation corridors, shelter belts, tree lines, wind breaks and clumps so that birds, insects, reptiles and mammals are able to move around the landscape. These corridors are essential if species are to survive and flourish in our agriculturally-altered environment," said Simon Turpin, Team Leader Land Services at North West LLS.

"These areas of native vegetation provide homes for many of our native fauna species which, in turn, assist our cropping and farming enterprises through the provision of ecosystem services. For example, birds, bugs and lizards that use the native vegetation for habitat eat insects and grubs that attack crops and pastures; it's a win-win situation both for landholders and native species.

"Vegetation corridors not only provide homes for native fauna and ways in which they can move around, they also provide other invaluable ecosystem services such as shade for stock and wind breaks for crops," said Simon.

Landholders with proposed works to undertake revegetation of mixed native plantings, restoration of existing native vegetation, and threat management of invasive species may be eligible to apply for funding under the program.

The 2015/16 round of funding is now open so if you are interested and are in the Moree, Narrabri or Bingara area, North West LLS would love to hear from you.

Please contact Reegan Walker on 0429 048 867 or Emily Doolan on 0428 657 083.

To date, more than 34 landholders in the North West LLS have been engaged to undertake 220 hectares of revegetation, 375 hectares of regeneration, and threat management works over 4,000 hectares in the North West region.

The BNB project is funded through the Australian Government's Biodiversity Fund.