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Bullawa Creek Project



In February 2012, Bullawa Creek, 15 kilometres east of Narrabri, experienced a large flood event which initiated extensive bank erosion.

 North West Local Land Services is currently undertaking a significant project funded by Catchment Action NSW to arrest the erosion, which if left unchecked, will result in the continued loss of arable farming land through significant erosion, reduced water quality downstream and damaged native riparian vegetation.

Some time ago, North West LLS engaged Soil Conservation Services to undertake a full engineering and river rehabilitation assessment. The assessment highlighted the need for rehabilitation works to stabilise the creek bank.

"The project has been on the radar for some time. Fortunately, this year we have been able to align it to one of our riparian project guidelines," said Angela Baker, Senior Land Service Officer.

"The damage that occurs at the site of the project impacts downstream. Siltation is deposited after rain events, this results not only in a reduction in water quality but can also affect deeper water holes that provide a habitat for native fish, which in turn, has a wide range of implications for river health.

"Eroded soil can also contain nutrients, fertilisers and herbicides or pesticides which can be very detrimental for the wider aquatic environment.

"It's wonderful to be able to deliver this kind of project to the community, the results of which will improve agricultural and environmental outcomes," said Angela.

The rehabilitation works are one of seven high profile projects currently being developed across the region by North West LLS.

 All of these sites are funded by  Catchment Action NSW and  highlight some of the  many natural resource management  services delivered to the community by North West LLS.

Angela Baker at Bullwa creek site 

  Above:Angela Baker, Senior land Services Officer at Bullawa creek site

Below:Tim Watts North West LLS and Brad Davies, Soil Conservation Service examine plans for the Bullawa Creek remediation works.

Tim Watts NWLLS and Brad Davies Soil Conservation Service