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The Great Tree Giveaway Underway

Landholders and community groups across the north-west have been busy planting trees that they received free through the North West Local Land Services Great Tree Giveaway.

The Giveaway, which has seen more than 17,000 native seedlings being distributed to schools, community groups and landholders from Lightning Ridge to Pine Ridge, is part of a North West Local Land Services initiative to help improve connectivity across the landscape.

The Great Tree Giveaway was supported through The Brigalow Nandewar Biolinks Landscape Program and the Australian Government’s Biodiversity Fund.

Senior Land Services Officer with North West Local Land Services, Pippa Jones, said she is really pleased with the enthusiasm of those receiving the free trees.

“I have had a lot of feedback from people receiving the trees about how valuable they (the trees) will be in improving their land,” Pippa said.

Narrabri landholder Gina Potts agrees. “We are just so pleased to be able to access the trees through North West Local Land Services,” Gina said. “We have been installing polypipe to ensure they are well watered and believe they will be a great asset to our property.”

“Once established, these seedlings will not only improve connectivity in the landscape, they will also provide shade for stock, improve the aesthetics of an area and provide habitat for birds and animals,” Pippa said.

“We realise that it has been a dry season, but with the right site preparation and a some care, there is no reason why most of the seedlings should not thrive.”