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Stream flow advisory for North West Producers

Recent rainfall across the region has significantly replenished moisture profiles and due to the predicted rain event, there is the potential for increased flows in our river and creek systems.

While these flows can top up on-farm water storages and provide increased security of water access for agriculture and town supplies, North West Local Land Services is also advising producers to be prepared in case of flooding.

“Increased flows in our region have increased dam storage levels significantly and this will boost security of production over the coming summer season.

However, producers should be monitoring river levels and also be prepared to take steps to protect their livestock and infrastructure such as pumps and machinery by moving them to higher ground,” said Dale Kirby (Team Leader – Advisory Services).

“In the event of flooding, we advise producers to consider moving stock to higher ground and ensuring that adequate fodder reserves are on hand,” said Bob McKinnon (Team Leader – Animal Biosecurity and Welfare).

Local Land Services will continue to monitor conditions and liaise with NSW DPI and NSW SES so that we are able to provide timely and accurate information to producers in our region.

For more information on agricultural production or managing livestock, please contact your nearest Local Land Services office.

For more information on rainfall and changing river levels, see

For emergency flood assistance, please contact the NSW SES on 132 500 or 000 if the emergency is life threatening.


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