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Autumn alert for Feral Fighters

As the weather cools, it is a timely reminder that the autumn period is a crucial time to carry out wild dog and fox control activities.

Bec Gray, Invasive Species Team Leader with North West Local Land Services said strategic baiting at this time of year targets juvenile foxes seeking new territories.

“They are more mobile at this time of year and will quickly establish in vacant territories. Baiting now will help knock out those new na├»ve foxes.”

Foxes and wild dogs will often travel along tracks, so strategic placement of your baits will increase your effectiveness. “As with all pest control, programs should be undertaken on a broad scale level, so talk to your neighbours and get them involved” she added.

North West LLS are able to supply fresh meat baits or inject pre-prepared meat baits supplied by landholders. Bec said that meat preparation is key to effective baiting programs.

“Meat for baiting should be air dried to enable a hard skin to form on the outside.”

250 gram chunks of boneless red meat are required for wild dog baits and 100 gram chunks for fox baits. North West LLS can also supply chicken wingettes for fox bait.

Landholders will need to have a current chemical users accreditation or have undertaken vertebrate pesticide training with LLS. North West LLS have free vertebrate pesticide training courses running monthly.

To be involved and find out more about your pest animal control options, contact your Local Land Services office and ask for the Biosecurity Team – 1300 795 299.