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LLS gives cactus the boot

North West Local Land Services has partnered with Northern Slopes Landcare Association to employ a Cacti Control Coordinator in the attack on Harissia Cactus and Hudson Pear.

Coordinator Jo-Anna Skewes will work with the community over 3 years to implement control programs for the highly invasive weeds in the North West.

Both species are spreading quickly in the northern part of the region and are causing heavy economic losses to graziers where stock are unable to access large tracts of affected land.

The North West LLS has injected over $300,000 into the partnership being a key activity identified in the North West LLS Hudson Pear Business Plan.

The Coordinator's work will be integral to North West LLS ongoing commitment to containing, and where possible eradicating, these Cacti species from public and private lands.

Will Cannington, Northern Slopes Landcare Chair, said the partnership presented another opportunity to care for the regions landscape and protect it for future generations.

“Jo-Anna will run information workshops, improve mapping of both species and assist farmers to implement coordinated control programs.”

“That’s good news for everyone who cares about the land” he added.

North West LLS Regional Weed Coordinator, Pete Dawson said this is a great result for local landholders, community members and the Hudson pear taskforce who’ve been working on this issue for many years.

“The community have been out attacking Hudson pear at every opportunity, and it’s great to be able to provide the extra help and coordination.”

“We’re looking forward to chipping in with Jo-Anna and the local crew to make sure we can give this horrible weed the boot!”